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Important Reminders

Important dates are listed below. For specific information, please check the calendar. 


ELAC Convening on November 13, 2013 from 10:00am-12:30pm

School-Parent Compact and Parent Involvement Policy Due 11/15/2013

Title I Annual Meeting Documentation (Agenda, Sign-Ins) Due 11/22/2013

ELAC/SSC Officer Training October 18, 2013 

Reader's Corner: Parent Involvement Articles

2001 Westat and Associates Impact of Parent Outreach.pdf

  • This report summarizes a longitudinal study done with high-poverty schools. It highlights the importance of early outreach to families of ...more


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Parent Involvement Bulletins and Memos

5447.0 Refreshments

5449.0 Parent Conference Attendance

5797.1 Guidelines for Committees and Councils English/ Spanish

5963.0 Title 1 Policy


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